Key ruling party officials offer to resign over by

재무 2023-12-05 01:26:39 28

Key officials of the ruling People Power Party have offered to resign over the party's recent by-election defeat, which could spark a change in the party's leadership ahead of the parliamentary elections in April.

On Wednesday, Jin Kyo-hoon of the main opposition Democratic Party won 56.52 percent of the vote against his PPP rival Kim Tae-woo's 39.37 percent in the by-election for the chief of Seoul's Gangseo Ward, seen as a test of voter sentiment ahead of next year's parliamentary elections.

Following the crushing defeat, the ruling party leadership vowed to heed the voice of the people and come up with extraordinary measures to win back their trust after the crushing defeat in the by-election.

Three days after the election, PPP Secretary General Lee Chul-gyu said on social media he has decided to step down from the post to help the party stabilize and make a constructive leap forward.

Along with Lee, the party's other nominative officials, including Park Dae-chul, the PPP's chief policymaker, have offered to resign, according to the party's spokesperson.

In response, PPP leader Kim Gi-hyeon said he has accepted their resignations and pledged to carry out reform measures to win back the trust of the public.

"I respect the senior officials' determination for the stability and progressive leap of the party. and have decided to accept their resignations," Kim wrote on Facebook, vowing to make people's livelihoods the party's top priority. (Yonhap)




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