Gimbap and hanja cramming: Life of Korean Studies students in Paris

자동차 2023-12-05 00:06:15 1

PARIS -- Pulling an all-nighter to make gimbap and kimchi pancakes was the highlight of the year for four members of “Bulkkot,” a club of students enrolled in the Korean Studies department of the National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilizations, also known as Inalco in Paris.

Meaning “flame” in Korea, the recently-established students’ association has just five members now, but its passion easily surpasses that of much bigger organizations.

The group pulled off a Korean culture day event earlier this year, where they sold the food they prepared all night long.

“We almost didn’t sleep to make gimbap to sell,” Sandra, a third year Korean Studies student and Bulkkot member, said at a cafe near her school on Sept. 25.

Kayya, a freshman who leads Bulkkot as its president, said the process of preparing the event itself was an “adventure.”

“It involved 8 kilograms of kimchi for lots of kimchi jeon (pancakes). We want to make it bigger for the next event” she exclaimed.




Gimbap and hanja cramming: Life of Korean Studies students in Paris

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